Head Massage

Offering therapeutic massage for the purpose of stress reduction, relief from muscular tension, and loosening of restricted fascia. This massage therapy practice is not a substitute for medical treatment or mental health counseling.

Gloria's primary technique is Customized and Deep Tissue Massage, with hot towels and heat packs. Customized and Deep Tissue Massage is Swedish-based massage with pressure that is overall described as medium or deep, also referred to as Deep Tissue. 

During a customized session, Gloria may include complimentary add-ons such as cupping or hot stones, according to the preferences of the client. She prioritizes treatment work in her routine and uses a massage gun and tools when suitable.

Gloria is dedicated to performing techniques in a symmetrical fashion to each side of the body, as well as frequently switching sides.

Gloria Schaefer
since 2005
95 Allens Creek Rd. Bldg. 2 Ste. 3 
Rochester, NY 14618

text (585) 683-2986