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Every massage therapist has different offerings. Gloria presents a hybrid of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage that is intended to be holistic and personalized for the preferences of each individual while maintaining consistency from one session to the next. Her customized massage is good for a special occasion or for regular self-care maintenance such as once per month.


Gloria is dedicated to performing techniques symmetrically to each side of the body and frequently switching sides so that you can focus on how the massage feels, notice tension in your tissues, and follow patterns of the routine.


When you are aware of the sequence, you feel safe and enjoy observing the sensation of the massage. Consistent and rhythmic technique cultivates deep, hypnotic relaxation, the ideal state to alleviate stress and pain. When you are quiet and paying attention to the massage, you can feel the massage in one area affect other areas in your body. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated as you relax. When fascia is warming up and muscles are loosening, you can feel profound sensations of relaxation in your head, neck, and shoulders also known as Autonomous Sensory Meridien Response

Gloria is dedicated to recording SOAP notes to provide continuity between sessions, track personal preferences of the client, as well as treatment work and results.

deep tissue


Flowy and gliding Swedish massage with light to medium pressure will sedate your nerves. Smooth, moderate to fast-paced strokes feel like waves of the ocean pushing and pulling your tissues. Classic techniques that are the hallmarks of every professional massage therapist will connect the different areas of your body. You will not be bored, you will be soothed!  

Deep Tissue

As the tissues are warmed up with Swedish techniques, deep tissue may be performed with greater, slower pressure. After blood flow circulates, tight muscles are loosened, adhesions in the fascia are reduced, knots and trigger points are addressed, the segment will conclude with heat and/or compressions to calm the elevated sensations, and allow the immune system to heal in the hours and days after the massage. The tenderness that you were not previously aware of will diminish in time. 


Achieving the ideal pressure is essential. Experienced massage therapists develop intuition with how much pressure to use. Deep tissue massage is not intended to cause post-massage soreness and malaise, (PMSM). Gloria does not offer painful, heavy-pressure massage. Always immediately inform the therapist if the pressure is too great. 

Treatment Work 
Medical massage, also known as orthopedic or clinical massage, is similar to the basics of classic therapeutic massage and applies the intention of addressing areas or issues that require attention because of discomfort, pain, or limited range of motion. The focus is outcome-based; a goal is evaluated with the purpose of making an improvement. It can often be a part of a recovery or treatment plan with a team of other health care providers and generally may take more than one treatment to achieve results. Tracking progress is achieved by recording SOAP notes

Prenatal Massage with Pregnancy Cushion

Please avoid booking in the 1st trimester unless given permission from your doctor. Prenatal massage with a pregnancy cushion begins in prone. After being face down, the client gets on hands and knees so the cushion can be removed. She will roll over and the table will be elevated so she can recline. Restricting heat, heavy pressure, and limited time in prone are additional precautions. 

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