Gloria Schaefer, LMT (since 2005)
Temporary changes d/t COVID-19
Located in an orange zone
During this time, requesting a note from a medical practitioner for a medically required massage is advised.

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Gloria Schaefer
Licensed Massage Therapist
Since 2005
Therapeutic Massage
& Wellness Center
35 N. Goodman St.
Suite 2
Rochester, New York

Update 12/1/2020. For the duration of being located in an orange zone, I will offer medical massage therapy. I will resume spa modalities, after the orange zone ends, which focus on relaxation and reducing stress.


Temporarily, I will offer massage focused on a medical need, targeting issues with a variety of techniques for muscle health and recovery.

During this time, requesting a note from a medical practitioner for a medically required massage is advised. 

Update 11/25/2020. This business is located in an orange micro-cluster zone. Medically necessary massage therapy is considered an "essential health care operation," and is permitted to resume, although massage therapy is included with personal care services that are ordered to close due to the spread of Covid-19. It is advised to request a doctor's note, email, or prescription for "medically necessary massage therapy." If you have questions, please contact Gloria.

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benefits of massage therapy

reduce stress

Decreases anxiety and depression. Release endorphins. Improve concentration. 

Relax and soften tight, injured, tired, and overused muscles.

loosen tissues

Increases joint flexibility and improve range of motion. Supports immune system. 

decrease pain
increase circulation

Improves skin. Pumps oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs. Reduce spasms and cramping.

assist healing

Promotes regeneration of tissues. Relieves headaches. 

improve sleep

Reduce fatigue. Rejuvenates energy levels.

"The best deep tissue massage I’ve ever had. Gloria is professional, friendly and focused."

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