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Gloria Schaefer

Licensed Massage Therapist since 2005
95 Allens Creek Rd. Bldg. 2 Ste. 3  Rochester, NY 14618

text (585) 683-2986


To find short-notice openings, visit, enter location and hit 'Search.'


Tap on the dropdown menu 'Preferred date or time,' and choose 'Available today' or 'Available within 48h' then hit 'Save.'


Massage therapists are listed with their next available openings.

Gloria is an individual practitioner of therapeutic massage for deep relaxation, stress relief, and maintenance of muscles and fascia with limited treatment work. Her studio-office is a room located in a professional building.


Gloria is dedicated to performing techniques symmetrically to each side of the body and frequently switching sides so that you can focus on how the massage feels, notice tension in your tissues, and follow patterns of the routine.


When you are aware of the sequence, you feel safe and enjoy observing the sensation of the massage. Consistent and rhythmic technique cultivates deep, hypnotic relaxation, the ideal state to alleviate stress and pain. When you are quiet and paying attention to the massage, you can feel the massage in one area affect other areas in your body. And when fascia is warming up and muscles are loosening, you can feel profound sensations of relaxation in your head, neck, and shoulders also known as Autonomous Sensory Meridien Response


Requirements to schedule

  • Over the age of eighteen

  • Fluent in English

  • Walk without aids

  • Able to lay facedown

  • Capable of rolling over

  • Before scheduling, please text or email Gloria if you have any major medical conditions, recent injuries, or surgeries. 

Contact Gloria



On Allens Creek Road, look for a sign for Executive Square and Remax Realty. There is parking and entrances on both sides of Building 2. Suite 3 is on the FIRST floor on the same side as the men's bathroom.


Extenuating circumstances include sudden illness or emergency.

Short notice cancellation,

less than 24 hours

15% fee


Please contact Gloria to cancel. To schedule your next appointment, please pre-pay with a 15% tip as the short notice cancellation fee. 



If you cancel less than 24 hours a pre-paid appointment, you may reschedule with 85% credit and pay 15% at your next session. 


Missed appointment
30% fee



To schedule your next appointment, please pre-pay with a 30% tip as a fee for your missed appointment.


If you miss a pre-paid appointment, you may reschedule with 70% credit and pay 30% at your next session.


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